Flipbooks are a unique and truly memorable way to capture an event that will have people talking well into the future. Guests will step into our mobile studio to get all gussied up, if they so choose, and shoot a six second video dancing, holding signs, playing instruments, or just being themselves, which we then print and bind into a 60 frame flipbook – a keepsake made available on the spot!

Kansas City Flipbooks Mock

Flipbooks are Entertainment

KC FLIPBOOKS are more than keepsakes.  Flipbooks are a fun activity that allows your guests not only to attend your event, but to participate as well. Flipbooks ensure your guests will be talking about your event long after it is over as they share their books with friends and family.

Positive Buzz

Flipbooks create a positive buzz around your event.  As a perfect icebreaker they facilitate  guests interacting with one another.


If there is an event sponsor, we can insert the sponsor information on the cover.  Sponsor business cards and coupons can be inserted in the back of the book.  This is much more memorable than a banner or logo on a program.  People continue to show off their books after the event.  The sponsor gets much more bang for their advertising dollar.

Conventions and Conferences

We are one of the nations premier convention and conference flipbook provider.  Our top of the line equipment, additional staffing and attention to detail all add up to make our client’s event a success.




The number of videos is the number of actual little movies filmed.  There can be more than one person in a video.  4 people are generally the most you would want in a single video.  The highest number of videos possible in one hour in one set up is about 50.  40 Videos per hour is more common.   Don’t be misled.  It is impossible to do more than about 50 videos per hour with one set up.  Guest cooperation also affects the number of videos done per hour.

Number of Books

The number of books is the number of physical books printed.  We can print more books in an hour than we can film videos.  Depending on the package you select the number of books printed will be about 40 to 150 per hour.   This is an important element in your package selection.   Many providers promise a high number but only deliver 40 to 45.  They count on the fact that you will see a line of people having fun and not realize they are not providing the level of service they promised.  We are prepared to be held accountable for the number of books we can do.