Flipbook FAQs

Will KC FLIPBOOKS be fun at my event?

Absolutely!! Flipbooks are the must have activity at all events. Your guests will be talking about your event long after it is over. The guests have fun while they are creating their books. They will and fun while they are looking at and sharing their books.

Will KC FLIPBOOKS be suitable for my event?

Yes, they are perfect from casual to couture events. We fit in an elegant or a rustic venue.


Everyone! KC FLIPBOOKS are perfect for any age. The guests get immediate gratification and they create a happy buzz at your event. KC FLIPBOOKS are one of the only activities that every generation enjoys equally.

Why Do You Put So Much Effort Into Flipbook Assembly?

Because, if your KC FLIPBOOKS are not correctly assembled, they will not flip properly. The whole effect is destroyed if the books do not flip smoothly. Uneven books or sloppy applied covers not only affect our reputation, but it affects yours too.

What Is The Flipbook Process?

See our HOW FLIPBOOKS WORK page for complete information.

How Are Events Booked?

We book events by the hour. We offer additional services, products and customization to meet your expectations and budget. There is no one size fits all solution. Call us right now at 816-767-1186 to discuss your package.

What Are Guests Charged For The Books?

Nothing! The cost of producing the KC FLIPBOOKS onsite is included in the event charge.

How many KC FLIPBOOKS can you make in an hour?

First, there are some Important Terms you need to know:

Videos per Hour: The videos are the little movies we film. We can film about 45 to 50 videos with one flipbook station. It is impossible to do more than about 45 to 50 videos per hour with one mobile flipbook station. The cooperation of the guests and retakes can also affect the number of videos. The number of people in the scene can also affect the total output.

Number of Books Printed and Assembled Per Hour: More than one book can be printed per video. The package you selected will determine the possible total number of books produced. With one set up we can produce between 45 to 150 books per hour. If that is not enough, we can provide multiple KC FLIPBOOK stations.

Note: If someone tells you they are doing more than about 50 books per hour with one set up you need to start asking more questions.

See our ALL ABOUT FLIPBOOKS page for complete information.

What If My Guests Do Not Know What To Do for Their Video?

Our highly trained entertainment directors can give the guest ideas. The KC Flipbook director will work with the guests to help them create a skit that is within their comfort zone. Guests may dance, wave, blow kisses or make up skits. They can be spontaneous. They can plan their flipbook video. We also normally run a video loop to give the guests an idea of what to do.

How Long Does It Take To Film A Video?

It is a 7 second video.

How Many People Can Be In A KC FLIPBOOK Video?

As many as can fit in the display (2 to 4 is a good number). When you have more than that you tend to get “floating head syndrome. You lose the action in the book.

If there is more than one person in a video, can everyone get their own copy?

Yes and no. The package you select will determine the number of books we print automatically for each video. If the guests want additional copies they can come back when we are not so busy. They may go through the line again to do a new video or get a reprint. Of course, if no one else is in line, we can make additional copies right away. They may order extra copies after the event. A charge may apply.


How Will The Guests Know If They Like The Video Clip?

They are able to instantly review it before it is printed. It can immediately be redone until they are happy with the result.

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Book On Site?

1 to 5 minutes per book. Often, by the time the guest has returned the props and walked around to the pick up station the books are ready. Immediate Gratification!

What Is Needed To Set Up At An Event?

Generally a 15’ x 15’ area (though that can vary depending on the venue – we don’t like to have less than a 10’ x 10’ area). The area should have power nearby and no obstructions like columns or benches.
We like to have 2 each dedicated 15 amp circuits. If we do not have sufficient power the quality of your books may be affected. We need one each 150 amp dedicated circuit. We like to have 2 each dedicated 15 amp circuits so we have a backup if there is a problem with power at the venue.
Two 8 foot tables or three 6 foot tables are to be provided and skirted to match the rest of the party. They should be at least 30”D, banquet type tables with locking legs. We can provide tables if required. An additional charge will apply.

How Will People Know What Event The KC FLIPBOOK Was Made For?

By the use of personalized custom covers, product placement or a scrolling message.

What Is A Flipbook Scrolling Message?

It is a short custom message that will scroll across the bottom of the book. The scrolling message is optional. It does take some of the image space, so generally we do not recommend this feature.

Can I Use Personalized Covers On My Flipbook?

Custom covers must be planned and approved at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. Except for our Private Party package and small runs of pre-made books, custom covers are included in the pricing.

Can I Use KC FLIPBOOKS for Other than Live Events?

Yes. They make great invitations, announcements, and greeting cards, save the date cards, thank you cards and promotional handouts. We can pre-make flipbooks by coming to your location to take a short video, or using a personal video clip you provide. It is best it the clip is pre-edited into a 7 to 12 second segment. AVI and WMV are our preferred format. We process your order in our studio. Availability is limited by our schedule. Contact us to discuss your needs.

See the SUBMITTED VIDEO SECTION for more information.

Do You Do Outdoor Events?

Yes, but they are more difficult. The KC FLIPBOOK station must be sheltered from the elements, whether it is gusts of wind, potential rain or extreme sunlight. A site condition assessment must be done well in advance of an event. The shelter must be completely weather-tight. There are almost always power problems at an outdoor event. We normally suggest the use of a generator to make sure there is sufficient power. Extra charges will apply if we provide the generator. It the power is not sufficient it may result in the termination of your event. Call us at 816-767-1186 right now to discuss the specifics.

What Does The Package Include?

Although it may appear you are only paying for the actual service hours, much more is included in your package. Our highly trained entertainers normally invest 10 to 30 hours on consultation, preparation, drive time, set up and tear down, professional training and other services to ensure your event is a success. We are also properly insured.

What Is Your Package Pricing?

We have different standard flipbook packages. We prefer to work with you to create a custom package to meet your needs, budget and expectations. Call us right now at 816-767-1186 to discuss your event. It is important to select the correct package for your event.

See our FLIPBOOK PACKAGES page for specific information on our standard packages.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We provide our mobile KC FLIPBOOK service to Kansas City Overland Park, Leawood, Lees Summit, Lenexa, St. Louis, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Houston, New York, Washington DC, Boston and Nashville. We have locations all over the United States. Contact us if you do not see your area listed.

Do You Do Product And Promotional Tours?

We are the nationwide premier provider for promotional and product tours. Ask us why you should select us for your next product tour.