KC Flipbook Process

Our Mobile Flipbook Studio set up and important information.

We set up our Flipbook Mobile Studio at your event.

Mobile Flipbook Studio









This event photo is of one of our Flipbook Mobile Studios.   We can fit in a smaller space.  But, it is more enjoyable to have room for the guests to perform their skits.  Other guests gather to watch the fun.  We are flexible and have even set up in a hallway.

Flipbook Studio at High School Event


Ideally, we need a 15’ x 15’ area.  We can be flexible if necessary.  This allows room for the guests to perform and guests to join in the fun.

Ideal Flipbook Area











It is very important to have sufficient power available.

Power Requirements










Tables and Drapes

The planner or host normally provides the tables and drapes.  We can bring them, but there is an additional fee.

Banquet Tables and Full Drape


Spandex Table Covers

















We bring an assortment of signs.  We have standard favorites and can easily create custom signs to tie into the event theme.

Signs For Flipbook Videos


Custom Signs to Match Event Theme
















We bring props. We have a large inventory of favorites!  Additional charges may apply for special themed prop requests.

Props for Flipbook Videos









Custom Boas

By special request we can bring our custom boas.  They are more elegant and do not shed like feather boas.  There is a small surcharge.  They are available in a variety of colors.  Many venue managers prefer our organza boas over feather boas.  Some won’t even allow feather boas.

Custom Boas


Girl Wearing Small Boa
















We recommend a plain backdrop.  Hollywood event planners normally use a plain backdrop with evenly spread logos.  They know people look best against a plain background.

Flipbook Fun At College Event




Light Backgrounds For Filming

Light Backgrounds For Filming














Guests Do Not Show Up Against A Dark Backdrop

Guests Do Not Show Up Against A Dark Backdrop










High Color Saturation

Mobile Flipbook Studio areas should not be highly colorized.  For example:  A blue tent, with blue props and blue clothes can cause the entire photo to be tinted blue.

High Color Saturation









Guests Enter the Mobile Flipbook Studio

We have guests step into our Mobile Flipbook Studio.

Guests Filming a Flipbook Video









The KC Flipbook Entertainment Director Prepares the Guests to Film Their Video

The KC Flipbook entertainment director will assist guests in choosing a skit that is within their comfort zone.

Guests Receive Instructions From Director







Director Starts Filming Video










Filming the Flipbook Video

The video lasts 7 seconds.

Flipbook Video Lasts 7 Seconds









Guests Can Watch Themselves

Guests can watch themselves on the monitor during filming.

Guests Can See Themselves









Entertainment Director Provides Cues

Our KC Flipbook entertainment director assists the guests to get the best result.

Flipbook Director Provides Cues During Filming


Other Guests Can Watch the Flipbook Performance

Other guests can watch the performance and offer their own “encouragement and direction”, between peals of laughter.

Video Replay and Approval

Once the Flipbook video is complete, the guests may view it and decide if they want to print that video or do another take.

Looking at Replay

Director Shows Replay To Guest

Director Shows Replay To Guest

























After the guests have approved the video we send it to our printer.

Flipbook Being Printed









Number of Books Printed

The number of books printed per video is based on the package you selected.  Everyone wants their own book to take home.


Flipbooks Are Precision Cut

We remove the Flipbooks from the printer and pass it through our cutter.

Custom Cover is Applied

We put the Flipbook cover on the book and bind it right there in front of you.

Applying Custom Cover To Flipbook


Binding Book















The Guests See Their Interactive Flipbook Keepsake for the First Time

This is our favorite moment!

Guests Viewing Flipbook








Guests Looking At Their Just Completed Flipbook

Guests Looking At Their Just Completed Flipbook









Entire Process

The entire process from start to finish takes about 3 minutes.

Flipbook  Management

When we are printing multiple copies of each book, there can be a time lag between video completion and when their individual book is ready.  Many guests want to stand and wait for their book because they are so anxious to receive it.  However, to allow the guests to enjoy the party, we have a book management process so they may go enjoy themselves and come back to pick up their book later in the event.    This also allows us to make sure each person gets the correct book.  Our books are so much fun and so popular if we don’t “control” distribution, other guests will take them home.

Looking At Flipbook









Flipbook Custom Covers Are Included In Most Packages

We create custom KC Flipbook covers themed to match the event. A simple cover design is best.  Normally, we get an idea of the theme.  We put together a few quick drafts of artwork to develop the idea with the client.  Once the client lets us know what they like,  we refine the Flipbook cover design.  We can also create a Flipbook cover from client submitted artwork.  There are some limitations due to size.  Once a final Flipbook cover design is created, we print a proof for approval.  We do up to 4 revisions at no additional charge.



The number of videos is the number of actual little movies filmed.  There can be more than one person in a video.  4 people are generally the most you would want in a single video.  The highest number of videos possible in one hour in one set up is about 50.  40 Videos per hour is more common.

The number of books is the number of books printed.  We can print more books in an hour than we can film videos.  Depending on the package you select the number of books printed will be range from 40 to 150 per hour.  This is an important element in your package selection.


Onsite Package Upgrade

The event supplies and staff sent to an event are determined by the package selected. We generally cannot upgrade the package when we are onsite due to limited staff.